Freight Invoice Factoring

Cash Conversion Cycle

The cash conversion cycle begins for a carrier when it invests its cash in freight transporting assets for the purpose of shipping goods. Upon the successful delivery of these goods, an accounts receivable is created between the shipper and the carrier. Eventually, the shipper issues payment to the carrier to cure the accounts receivable. The receipt of this payment completes the cash conversion cycle for the carrier. The longer the cash conversion cycle takes, the lower the return on investment for the carrier.

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Improving Your Cash Flow

Having adequate cash flow is critical to the operation of any business. Trucking is no different. Whether you need cash to process payroll, buy fuel to operate, or meet other critical financial obligations, having to wait on a vendor to pay you can sometimes put a major strain on your ability to operate. 

Whether it is a full-time factoring relationship or only on an as-needed basis, we partner with carriers who transport all types of freight across the U.S. The primary driver behind our factoring rates and terms is the specific vendor responsible for issuing payment on the invoice(s). If you could benefit from faster cash flow for your business, give us a call at (870) 589-2220 to discuss an invoice factoring solution for your business or send us a message below and tell us more about your business.